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The Rebirth of the Violent Concubine: The Bright Moon Shields the West Building


In her previous life, Jiang Mingyue—the daughter of the great general—endured blades and shed blood for the sake of the great Yin Dynasty.

She lived vigorously and died just as vigorously.

With her rebirth, Jiang Mingyue did not want any more trouble.

So, she chose Zhao Xilou—the veteran salted fish [1] who is rich and of nobility—as her husband.

She was prepared for the Buddhist life [2]—to eat and wait for death [3]!

Who would have thought that the power struggles at home, trials and hardships of the country, fights between good and evil, battles between vital energy and pathogeny would come thick and fast [4]?!


Short Title:ROVC
Alternate Title:重生狂妃之明月罩西楼
Author:Mei Guo
Comedy, Historical, Romance

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