The Castle of All People: The Only Random Army Angel at the Beginning of the Game


Billions of human beings have descended on the Endless Continent to become the masters of castles and participate in a fair and just race for the hegemony of all races.

At the beginning of the arrival, each castle lord will randomly get an initial troop building.

Recruit troops, plunder resources, build dynasties, and compete for domination of all races!

Lin Yi was surprised to find out.

What he found at random was the unique troop building——【Angel Reincarnation Pool】!

Angels can be born!

“Haha, mine is a high-level corps building that can summon forest elves!”

“Mine is a top-level military building, capable of summoning the dark dragon, and the ultimate potential can reach the holy rank!!”

“I can summon Golden Beamon…”

Looking at these self-bragging news, Lin Yi couldn’t help falling into contemplation.

His angel, holy creature, unique soldier!

The weakest two-winged angel, the complete body is also a demigod.

The most powerful 18-winged archangel, and a god-level terrifying creature…


Alternate Title:全民城堡:开局随机唯一兵种天使
Author:Great fox fairy

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