My Second Dimension Can’t Be So Salty


This world… seems a little wrong? It doesn’t seem to have changed much from before…

but why……! ? Inexplicably, there is a little sister named ‘Wizumi Sagiri’! I also met the golden retriever Eri at school!

Even playing a game opposite is Wugeng Liuli! ? Even childhood sweethearts are familiar anime characters! There is absolutely something wrong with this world!

Obviously just want to be a salted fish and play all day! Why so much trouble all day!

[My sister can’t be so cute] [Eromanga teacher] [My youth love story] [How to develop a passer-by heroine]


Short Title:MSDCBSS
Alternate Title:我的二次元不可能那么咸鱼
Author:Salted Fish Void Sauce

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