Global Reincarnation: No One Understands The Plot Better Than Me


30 years ago, the space of reincarnation came to the world!

This is a trial tower made up of countless plot copies!

Su Yue, who came across, was pleasantly surprised to find that those mysterious and dangerous copies were all anime he knew well!

“Highschool of the Dead”: When other people are still deliberately trying to live, Su Yue has already driven a tank to get points!

“Puella Magi Madoka Magica”: Others are still considering how to defeat the Night of the Witch, but Su Yue has already begun mass production of magical girls, and even preparing to make gods!

“One Punch Man”: Everyone is racking their brains to join the Heroes’ Association, but Su Yue is talking to the bald devil!

“Fate”: The reincarnations are still preparing to summon the servants for the Holy Grail War, but Su Yue is eyeing the Chaldeans!

He didn’t have a choice in the past.

Now he chooses to have it all!

“In this world, no one understands the plot better than me!”


Alternate Title:全球综漫轮回:没人比我更懂剧情
Author:Comprehensive reincarnation

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