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After the College Entrance Examination, Bring a System To Join the Army

Reborn in a parallel world, after the college entrance examination, he has no money to go to college, so he has no choice but to join the army.

However, the late arrival of the system made him a new recruit step by step to the peak.

Fusion of mule genes, greatly increased endurance, what off-road five kilometers? Lin Fan said, I want to run 50 kilometers!

Fusion of eagle genes, super vision.

“Sniper scope? What is this thing, I can’t see it clearly with my naked eyes!”

Fusion police dog genes!

“Well, fifteen female soldiers next door came today, auntie…”

The spy god, the Hercules, the tireless machine in human form, one by one, the titles came one after another.

This made a college entrance examination prospective college student who wanted to join the army, but inexplicably became the best soldier in the army…


Alternate Title:高考后,带个系统去当兵
Author:special forces brother


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