She is a well-known queen in the mercenary world. She was betrayed by a villain and was reborn on the body of the young lady of the mercenary world. Man, it is simply a winner in life.
Luo Jingshu, the eldest miss of the Luo family in Kyoto, before her eighteenth birthday, she was a female gangster in Kyoto, but after her eighteenth birthday, she became a recruit in a green military uniform. Outsiders said that Luo Jingshu broke her brain!
Li Jingyun, the eldest young master of the Li family in Kyoto, temperamental, vicious, cunning and black-bellied, this is the young master Li, rogue, beast, and rogue in the eyes of outsiders. This is the definition given to him by Luo Jingshu.
The heroine:
“Team Li, Luo Jingshu beat the recruit squad leader!”
Li Jingyun supported his forehead…
“Team Li, Luo Jingshu brought a reconnaissance battalion from our side!”
Li Jingyun beat his chest…
“Team Li, Luo Jingshu killed the selection instructor!”
Li Jingyun began to regret bringing this woman into the barracks.
Male protagonist:
“Lolo, I’m hurt”
Li Jingyun lifted his slightly scratched arm and came to Luo Jingshu for comfort.
Luo Jingshu didn’t even give a straight eye, she walked away with the equipment, and said something before leaving.
“Li Jingyun, walk without hands!”
Li Jingyun burst into tears…
This is a travel article of strong men and strong women in the army, with warm blood and positive energy, and you can rest assured to see how the male protagonist entangles and captures the cold-blooded and loveless female protagonist.
The introduction is incompetent, welcome to the pit, one-to-one pair clean.
This article is also known as “Li Shao Chasing His Wife”, “The Special Queen’s Husband”, and “The Mercenary Queen Reborn”


Short Title:RMWL
Alternate Title:重生之军妻凌人
Author:Zi Ruofei
Action, Drama, Military, Romance