Lan Anran was sent to the countryside by his parents since he was a child.

In the previous life, she resented the first life and could not die well.

After rebirth, Lan Anran vowed that he would never repeat the same mistakes in this life.

On the surface, she was a country girl who didn’t understand anything, but in fact she was a hidden medical genius.

While being extremely delicate in front of the little white rabbit, while hiding his merit and fame, he held the most ruthless hand.

“Master Mo, Madam has gone to tear the dregs again.”

A man: “Let her go.”

“Master Mo, Madam is going to burn, kill and loot again.”

A man: “Let her pay attention to safety and don’t hurt yourself.”

“Master Mo, Madam is going to molest Xiao Bailian.”

A certain man quickly changed his face: “What? It seems that I have to go out in person to let her know who is the head of the family!”


Short Title:PWPC
Alternate Title:替嫁新娘:总裁夫人又美又飒
Author:Dodder roll