My girlfriend is more than beautiful!

She… also…
When playing games:
“You are so immortal! Ran your mother!”
“E goes forward, isn’t it?!”
“Fuck Nima, you want to be reincarnated and want to be crazy???”
While studying:
“Four or four? It’s not right to count and copy? Not only is the hand disabled, but the head is also paralyzed, right??”
“I don’t think you’re right…”
When fishing:
“If I remember correctly, didn’t you say you were going to study hard yesterday?”
Girlfriend: “Yesterday was yesterday, today is today.”
? ? ?
“You don’t know what it used to be?”
? ? ?
don’t know.
Also, is the word used that way? ?
While chatting:
“I like you.”
“Oh.”, indifference.jpg
“it is good.”
Girlfriend: /////w/////? ? ? ?
Look, my girlfriend is more than beautiful.
It’s cute sometimes.
It’s a pity that he has a mouth that can talk.


Short Title:MGMTB
Alternate Title:我女友可不止漂亮呢
Author:Nanfeng knows my intentions