In the 25th century, Lu Jinqi accidentally blew herself up and was reborn in the 21st century as a poor little girl with the same name and surname as her but with a tragic background.

Rongcheng Song Family: You have to remember that you are only adopted by us, don’t think about others.

Lu Jinqi: Hehe, I’m delusional about your uncle

Everyone in the circle was preparing to watch the Song Family’s annual drama, but Xiao Pityi became a “Shaxing” with great combat power, and one person slapped everyone in the face.

Everyone: “Hi, my face hurts.”

He is a cold and noble person in power, and the leader of a mysterious special operations team. He holds the Asian economy but is willing to bow down to her.
Lu Jinqi and Si Jingyun met for the first time and accidentally bumped into his arms

Si Jingyun: “Little boy, how can you take advantage of your brother?”

The second time we met, she accidentally knocked him down

Si Jingyun: “Children, give me a hug”

The third time we met, she accidentally touched his hand

Si Jingyun: “Little boy, how do you feel?”

Lu Jinqi: I have something I don’t know if I should say it or not.

[There are a lot of vests for men and women, smashing each other’s vests, rest assured to enter the pit Note: There is no logic in the whole process, it depends on the author’s brain hole]


Short Title:MQYCAR
Alternate Title:柒爷你马甲捂不住了
Author:Xiao Qiqi acridine