Tokyo, Toyonozaki College, 3rd floor of the teaching building.

One boy was leaning against the fence, and the other boy was holding a few sheets of thin paper. The latter was introducing the information on the paper to the former. No matter how he looked, he looked like a third-rate salesman coming to the door to sell cheap products that were not popular.

An Yilun was also holding the crumpled planning book, his glasses were covered with a thin layer of mist due to panting, and his face was filled with anxiety and confidence.

“Senior Xiao, I need you!”


The boy opposite An Yilun immediately raised his eyebrows, and the corners of his mouth that were raised in shock gradually returned to their original state as the eyes left, with a suspicious smile in his eyes.


Short Title:ITPOHIPH
Alternate Title:在路人女主里开后宫有问题吗
Author:just a shadow
Fan-Fiction, Fantasy, Slice of Life