Su Qing got a magic pen, and everything he drew and written could come true.

He immediately drew a beautiful woman, but he forgot to draw the head because he took takeaway. And tonight, the girls’ dormitory is haunted…

The magic pen is based on the wishes of the deceased. If he fulfills the wishes of the deceased, he can obtain energy.

Help Licking Dog complete his last wish to pursue the goddess!

Help elementary school students complete their last wish to find all the bronze heads of the 12 zodiac signs living abroad!

Help hikers fulfill their last wish to trek through the Amazon rainforest!

He fulfilled the strange wishes of the dead to replenish the energy of the magic pen, and then used the magic pen to make waves and turn the world into his shape!

When a group of intruders tried their best to finally tear the void and land on Blue Star, they were dumbfounded: “Who told me that Blue Star is weak, how to fight this horse?!”



Short Title:SGDCG
Alternate Title:都市之开局女生宿舍抓鬼
Author:Thousands of stars
Adventure, Slice of Life, Urban Life