She is crazy, she is arrogant, she is a thorn in trouble. deserter? Useless? She was originally a top killer!

“One shot will kill you! There is no second shot in my eyes!” In the face of doubt, she spoke with strength to see who would dare to look down upon her!

“Dare to spank me? I will definitely hit me back!” In the face of him, she proved with her actions that she holds a grudge against him!

He is powerful, he is mysterious, and he is the only opponent who can overcome her. Ruthless? Black-bellied male god? He turned out to be…

She slept with him and announced to him, “From now on, you are mine!”

He smiled indulgently, “If you want to occupy me, you have to rely on real skills.”

“Husband, lie down! Let you taste my true ability!”


Short Title:ASHGTFD
Alternate Title:王牌狙击:老公快卧倒
Author:Xi Yan
Action, Military, Romance